Welcome to our wholesale page!

Bayíri is a non-seasonal Brand, we want our pieces to be enjoyed anywhere in the World, any time of the year. We present 1 new collection at the beginning of the year, which starts on pre-order and then integrates in to our permanent collections.

We'll keep restocking your favorite styles according to demand all year round, this way we avoid overproduction, support our local factory continuously and keep your shopper happy. 

Our Delivery time is between 2 to 6 weeks depending on styles availability.

There's no minimum order quantity for permanent collections ☺︎


los esenciales para bebés de

1m - 12m

leche & café

sierra nevada 

nuestro arcoíris para bebés de

1m - 12m

criaturas perezosas

prendas de ensueño para  bebés de

3m - 18m

Please fill up the Order Form and send it to: gisella@bayiriknits.com

we'll be happy to confirm delivery time and payment procedure depending on product availability.




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